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With a team of experienced professionals, Show Start provides a wide range of services covering event planning and management, venue design and decoration, license application, onsite support, etc. We pay attention to every detail in projects, supporting clients from planning to implementation.

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Personal Sessions

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Weddings and Events

Commercial Photography

Band Shows & Concerts

Show Start works with clients to produce wonderful band shows and concerts for audiences. With years of experience, we offer all-rounded band show and concert management and production services, including stage set up, installation, audio system and lighting system management, etc.
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Branding Event & Product Launch

Show Start has abundant experiences in event management and production. One of our core services is organising branding event and product launch. Our professional team assists clients in different areas, such as venue set up and decoration, stage production, onsite support, etc.
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Corporate Events

With a wide range of equipment available, Show Start supports clients to organise corporate events in different nature, such as international competitions, anniversary banquets, conferences, etc. Our experienced team offers services consisting of event planning, venue decoration as well as onsite support.


Show Start joins hand with clients to organise various kinds of exhibitions, from planning to management and production. We provide professional advice, venue set up, equipment rental and onsite support to fit in clients’ needs.
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Drama and Performance

Show Start partners with clients to organise an extensive variety of drama and performance. According to clients' requirements and the venues' characteristics, we provide one-stop solutions, from planning to production and onsite management, so as to assist clients to create exciting performance for their audience.
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Wedding Banquets

As an event management and production solution provider, Show Start provides not only photo and video shooting services but also venue decoration and audio system management service for wedding banquets. Our team helps client create precious moments and record them for their memory.


Worked in an array of event and performance projects, Show Start is well-experienced in large-scale installation. Our skillful team strives to ensure each installation is meeting clients' needs.
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Equipment Rental

Show Start has owned a large variety of professional equipment which can be used for events and commercial shooting. Equipment rental service is also available.


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