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Show Start

Established in 2016, Show Start is committed to providing comprehensive event management and production solutions. We endeavour to create quality activities for our clients to promote their brands and facilitate their business.

With a team of experienced professionals, Show Start provides a wide range of services covering event planning and management, venue design and decoration, license application, onsite support, etc. We pay attention to every detail in projects, supporting our clients from planning to implementation.

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Throughout the years, Show Start has been working in different kinds of projects, including band shows and concerts, branding events and product launch, corporate events, exhibitions, drama and performance, wedding banquets, installation as well as equipment rental. In every project, we strive for quality excellence in creating exceptional experiences.

How does this happen

Here I like to show you photo processing. Sometimes you can not see result without direct comparison. So I’ll show you direct compare photo before and after processing, where I made retouching photo, removed background noise and improve color brightness.


How does this happen
Photo Processing

I'm not a professional model, but i like good photos, i like to look pretty on my instagram channel and also i like to earn some money on stock photos. Andrew helps me in all of this and much more. Fantastic professional. Lot of thanks!

Elizabeth Shown
Instagram Model
Elizabeth Shown Instagram Model

I am a web developer. And, as known, good clipart is a half of successful web design. Today is not so easy to find realy good photos for website. And one day I have ordered a clipart for my new project and his works are fit just amazing!

Tony Norton
Web Designer
Tony Norton Web Designer

Andrew was our wedding photographer. He was help us to save our brightest moment of life in fantastic photos! And it looks brilliant. He managed to clearly convey all the emotions of the event in his photos. Thank you, Andrew!

Traci Harden
Happy Wife
Traci Harden Happy Wife

I am a beginner model. Since childhood I dreamed of becoming a photo model. Andrew helped me make a gorgeous portfolio photo and now I receive many offers from well-known agencies. I am very grateful to Andrew for his work.

Nelle Niles
Beginner Model
Nelle Niles Beginner Model

Andrew work for our agency When I only became to be a model. He is my first experience and my first professional photographer. That was a long time ago and now I sometimes appeal to Andrew for private photo shoots.

Betty Janson
Agency Manager
Betty Janson Agency Manager

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